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Hey There

You have stumbled upon the home page of Tapan Ranjan (Avid Gamer, IoT enthusiast and overall a fun guy to work with). Currently I'm working at Zynga Games (Bangalore) as a Software Engineer on the mobile game Tropic Escape (Unity, C#, Phython).

I made my first game (space invaders clone) when I was in highschool in turbo C++ and graphics.h, I was also part of the Technology and Gaming Club in my college where we conducted Game Development workshops and Gamejams. I also enjoy solving puzzles and programming problems.

If you think there is an opportunity I'd be interested in, or would like to chat / discuss my projects / share memes; feel free to contact me.

personal info

name: Tapan Ranjan E-mail: LinkedIn: in/tapanranjan/ Github: /opeious
Professional Skills

  • Experience building Data driven game systems.
  • Worked on Server-client based multiplayer games.
  • Have closely worked with Designers, Tech Artists and UI/UX to develop QoL tools and game features.
  • Experience working on gameplay engineering and quick prototyping.
  • Worked on deploying and troubleshooting solutions for iOS, Android and Web.
  • Modelled and programmed player behaviour prediction models to achieve system design and revenue targets.
  • Worked on multiple projects from spec stage, tech design, cost allocation and planning of team members to execution and production support.
Other things I have experience with
  • Familiar with software engineering methodologies. i.e. Agile, Waterfall
  • Have a sharp eye for debugging and troubleshooting.
  • Experience with MVVM (MVC) architecture pattern.
  • Worked on Phase3 JS Game Engine - AI simulations, Facebook Instant Games - (Link)
  • Limited experience with Unreal Engine (UDK, UE4) - Side projects
Things I enjoy in my free time
Currently playing: Path of Exile, Brawl Stars, Apex Legends and Minecraft. (Discord)
I also enjoy listening to music, checkout what I am currently listening to on Spotify. I also like to work on electronics and IoT projects in my sparetime. Eg: 1 2 3

My Timeline

Software Engineer

( Oct. 2017 : Present ) Zynga Games, Bangalore

Software Engineer

( Mar. 2016 : Sept. 2017 ) Zynga Games, Bangalore

Software Engineering Intern

( Sept. 2015 : Feb. 2016 ) Zynga Games, Bangalore Computer Science and Engineering

( Aug. 2011 : June. 2015 ) VIT University, Vellore, India

7.53 GPA
Thesis: “Low cost universal digital assisant - Github”.


project 2
Unity TopDown Boilerplate
project 3
Genetic Algorithm Based TSP Solver
project 4
Project REM
project 5 / AI tech demo